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Wedding Dress Trends 1920s-1980s

As we watch the new trends develop, and some circle back around, we wanted to take a look back in time, (the last 100 years to be exact), and see just how far the modern wedding dress has changed and evolved.

100 years ago, 1922

One of the most famous dresses of this year was worn by Princess Mary of the United Kingdom , at her wedding to Henry Lascelles, the 6th Earl of Harewood.

The dress was designed by Messrs. Reville, Ltd. The dress was constructed of cloth of silver (a cloth made of silver wrapped or spun weft), with a very grand detachable train made of ivory silk.

Instead of wearing a tiara, she put her own spin on the traditional tiara and wore a floral headdress, how bohemian of her!

The dress was very trendy with a dropped waist, gorgeous beadwork, and a feminine flutter sleeve.

White elbow gloves were also a part of her ensemble, a trend we are seeing pop back up this year!

90 Years Ago, 1930's

In the 1930's styles shifted from straight, boyish lines, to styles that highlighted feminine curves.

Whether with a cinched waist and tapered skirt or a ruched waist and puffed sleeves, the dresses of the age started to embrace the feminine figure a bit more. Hats and beautiful headwear were also a huge piece of the wedding ensemble. We'd love to see that trend start back up soon. What a fun way to add your personal style to your wedding look!

80 Years Ago, 1940's

The Second World War had a major impact on weddings and wedding fashion in the 1940s.

Fabric was rationed, making the dresses shorter than in the 30s, shoulder padding gave a nod to masculine militant style of wartime, dresses were often made of cheaper fabric, recycled fabric, or even parachutes.

The fashions of the 40s highlighted the hourglass figure even more. And of you didn't have the hourglass shape naturally, the garment was designed to create that desired shape with well placed pleats, flattering necklines, and a very cinched waist.

There were several famous weddings in this decade. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez, Marilyn Monroe, and Princess Elizabeth to Prince Phillip.

70 Years Ago, 1950s

The 50s are one of my favorite fashion eras! The full skirts, the pinched waists, and the effortless femininity are stunning in everyday wear and even more so in bridal wear.

This decade also has some of the most iconic wedding dresses worn by the most popular fashion icons of the day. The more traditional brides stuck with floor length gowns, but the trendier bride opted for a short gown. Bateau necklines, cap sleeves, long sleeves and off the shoulder gowns all shone brightly in this decade.

Jacqueline Bouvier, better known as Jackie Kennedy, was stunning in this gown with nods to both traditional and modern styles.

Grace Kelly's wedding dress has made a lasting impact on the fashion world, influencing dresses worn by royals and non royals for decades after. The high lace neck, long sleeves and full skirt are simply iconic.

It was a dress fit for a princess.

Audrey Hepburn is known for her fashion sense on and off the big screen.

Her real life wedding in 1954 showcased her ballerina length dress with puffed sleeves and a high neck.

Her on screen wedding in Funny Face, co-starring Fred Astaire, was also iconic.

Featuring a bateau, or Sabrina neckline (a term coined after Hepburn's wardrobe in Sabrina), cap sleeves and a beautiful tulle skirt, this dress made a major impact on the fashion world.

60 Years ago, 1960's

The 60's brought a change in silhouette from hourglass to a more streamlined silhouette with the waist accentuated with an empire waist (a style resurgence from the early 19th century), and often a thin belt with a small bow. The bateau neckline was still very popular and an high neckline became more popular as well.

Short but full veils were all the rage and short gloves paired with long or short sleeves were a must.

The fashion forward 60s bride might choose a tapered skirt with a detachable overskirt for some dramatic effect while still being practical to move around in at the reception.

50 years ago, 1970's

The bridal gowns of the 70s were focused on billowing sleeves, fun necklines and collars, and a full flowy skirt. We've seen a rise of 70s inspired gowns and boho weddings in the last few years.

We love the personality of these dresses, originals and recreations!

40 Years Ago, 1980's

Hello shoulder padding, big hair and bigger veils!

The most famous wedding dress of this decade was, of course, Princess Diana. From the gigantic sleeves to the mile long train, Princess Di had every eye in the world on her as she married Prince Charles in July 1981. This dress would influence the bridal fashion world for years to come.

Lace, shimmery fabrics, exaggerated shoulders, and poofy veils were staples for the 80s bride.

Which era is your favorite?

Stay tuned for part 2, 1990s-Present Day

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