With over 20 years of experience, we’ve received so many sweet messages from Wonderfully Wed couples – there are honestly too many to share! We feel fortunate to have successfully coordinated numerous weddings over the years, and are even more grateful that our satisfied brides have taken the time to write notes expressing their gratitude for our hard work. 
Erin knows what she’s doing! She had the answer to all of our questions and knew just what was needed to make the event go smoothly and beautifully. We were very thankful for her know-how, heart to serve, and gift of making things perfect! 
- Annie
“Erin Joyner was my Wedding Planner for my recent wedding. She is amazing! She knew who to call and when, she was able to help me plan my whole wedding just the way I wanted it in 2 months. She was able to save me a lot of money with her ideas and tips. Erin took care of every detail and was always ready to answer any questions I had. Having Erin take care of the details of my wedding took away the stress and hassle. I would 100 % recommend her to anyone! Thanks Erin!” 
- Shawna
Many, many thanks for all your hard work during and for our wedding. It was a dream of a weekend and we are so grateful to have been able to ENJOY it instead of working at it. You guys did a fabulous job and everything worked out better than I ever imagines it would. Please pass my compliments on to your helpers!
-Much love and thanks, Susan
Jeff & I knew that we wanted a simple wedding that was casually elegant. My mom suggested that I hire a wedding planner to help ease the load of planning a wedding since I am a graduate student who works part-time. I met with Erin and after telling her what we desired she explained how she could help. What a relief! She helped us choose vendors and get things done on time. What proved most helpful was having her at the rehearsal, ceremony and reception to handle the details and to be the “answer woman”. This allowed Jeff and I to thoroughly enjoy our wedding and to avoid feeling the stress of answering a bazillion questions. Erin’s expertise and kind manner helped make our day special. Thanks, Erin!
After spending months planning my own wedding, I realized that I had been obsessing about everything from the cake to the flowers to the guest list, but had completely neglected the actual ceremony. I had obviously never been married before, and I had only attended a few weddings in my life, so I was clueless about what would actually take place during the ceremony. That's where Erin came in. My fiancé, David, and I met with Erin and she took care of all the details. She was very organized and completely open to specific details we wanted to include in our ceremony. Erin took charge of wedding rehearsal and the ceremony on our big day, and ultimately saved me from having a ton of stress on one of the happiest (and busiest) days of my life! I am truly grateful for her guidance and the attentiveness she showed towards our wedding ceremony.
- Candace
I married my lifelong best friend, Rudy, 10 months ago in the freezing sleet out on a hill of bluebonnets. We decided we wanted to have a small family-only wedding and have a ceremony and reception a few months later with all of our friends. Erin did a wonderful job coordinating everything at the reception. I didn't even have to think about where everyone would stand or even what to say – Erin took care of all that! In addition to Erin's help, her husband, Kevin, did the sound for us. I wanted a certain song played for our first dance, but didn't know which cd it was on or where to find it. He happened to pick the exact song I wanted and it turned out perfectly. I couldn't have asked for it to be better. Erin is also the world's calmest person on earth, which is perfect for a bride because brides are the most stressed people on earth! Erin makes a wonderful wedding planner because she is friendly and energetic and works well with people. Both my family and my husband have divorcees, which can make a special day turn into a tense one very fast. On our busy and stressful day, Erin was happy and pleasant and peaceful. You can tell that wedding planning isn't just a job for her. It is a passion and a joy!
- Sarah

College Station


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