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Joseph and Madeline

July 15, 2017

Oh my goodness these two were so precious! This was our first “repeat” client. We coordinated Madeline’s sister’s wedding almost a year before and their parents were so happy with our work from Abigail’s wedding that they hired us again! It was special to get to see their family again and to meet Joseph and his family.

The wedding took place at The Chandelier Room in Navasota. We had a huge downpour before, but gratefully the entire event was inside, and the girls were already inside with their hair and make-up finished before the rain came.

We absolutely adored every detail of this wedding: the florals, the sweet and personal ceremony (the couple knows their pastor and officiant well and it showed), the amazing greenery backdrop (thanks, Unforgettable Floral), the amazing cakes, SNOWCONES, the exit car, and the party afterward, including a personal dance throw down from a few of the men! I know about 20 of their guests, and it’s always fun to see people I know at any event.

The couple opted to take a short break from the reception to do a sunset photoshoot on the town as well as in the garden area of the Chandelier Room.

I think my favorite part was the garter toss, which is rarely true. But Joseph put on the best seduction show for his new bride before grasping the garter. I was laughing hysterically. He was lively and funny. I plan to post a video of just that on our social media as soon as I get a copy of it!

This crowd danced the night away, and very few had left by the time we sent the couple off at the end of the evening with lighted balloons. These people came to celebrate!

Joseph and Madeline (Kyle and Amber), thank you so much for entrusting us (AGAIN) with your most special day! May God bless you richly as you seek to honor Him with your lives and hearts. We are blessed to have been a part of your journey.

Props out to our amazing vendors!

Cake: Happy Cakes

Snowcones: Shivers

Videographer: Leighton Jack

Caterer: Napa Flats

Bartender: Napa Flats

Make up: Naturally Flawless

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