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Wedding Send Offs

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Your send off. It marks the end of one of the happiest and most monumental days of your life and it should be memorable! Here are a few ways for your guests to send you off to wedded bliss in style.

Sparklers have gained a lot of popularity the past few years. They make for stunning photos! Photographer: Rachel Driskell Photography

And what's better than just sparklers? Sparklers and a firetruck!

There is however one more step up from sparklers and that's Fireworks. Whether you planned them or they happen to be going off behind your venue, we think they make for epic photos!

While we love a good sparkler send off, unfortunately not all venues allow them nowadays, or you may be getting married somewhere drier and there is a burn ban in place on your big day.

Here are a some less fiery ideas that are just as fun!


They are fun for all ages, can double as party favors, and can be very cost effective. Photographer: All Heart Photography

Cut Greenery

This was a first for us, but the leaves created a really cool effect in the photos.

Talk with your florist to see if they can provide greenery for this, check with your local grocery store, or gather them from your own garden.

Sports Team Towels

Here in Aggieland the white towels at football games are iconic. Adam and Grace decided to use them for their exit, and they doubled as guest favors.

Other Ideas

Ribbon Wands. Make or buy colorful ribbon wands for your guest to wave when you leave. You can even attach little bells to them for some extra fun.

Streamers. For an indoor option, hang colorful streamers from the ceiling on your path to your car.

Lavender Buds. Fill small paper cones or bags with lavender buds for your guests to toss as you walk by.

Flower Petals. A very traditional look, flower petals in white or bright colors make for stunning photos.

Flameless Sparklers. Achieve a sparkler look without the heat with lighted branches, glow sticks, fiber-optic wands, or LED balloons.

Bells. Have your guests ring bells, or even cowbells, to send you off.

Rice or Bird Seed. A natural and cost effective option, check with your venue before choosing either of these, they can be a bit controversial and slippery.

Personalized Flags. Another party favor option, that can be personalized with your initials, wedding date, or your wedding colors, are flags. DIY them or have them made for your guests to wave you off to your honeymoon.

*Always check with your venue before choosing your send off. Some venues have strict rules and regulations about what can and cannot be used on the property.

If you have any questions or are curious about the services we provide please contact us.

We'd love to set up a time to talk to you about our different packages and determine what best fits your planning and coordinating needs!

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1 Comment

Evyn Bybee
Evyn Bybee
Oct 26, 2022

Love a bubble exit! It even works for an evening wedding.

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