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To Do and Not To Do: A Bride's Guide to Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Let’s face it. Outdoor weddings provide some of the most beautiful backdrops for you, your guests and your pictures. And Bryan/College Station and surrounding areas offers so many incredible choices. However, many brides are reluctant to commit to one of these venues because of the most unpredictable aspect of planning a wedding: the weather. While this can complicate your plans in some areas, don’t let the fear of bad weather be a hindrance to you planning your most perfect outdoor wedding. There are several ways you can plan around the weather and still have your most important day take place outdoors.


1) Most outdoor venues have several “backup” options in case of inclement weather. When visiting locations, ask about their rainy day options. What have previous clients opted to do? Ask for pictures from those ceremonies and see what you think. Could you accept their options as an alternative?


2) Inquire with rental vendors about what is available for any scenario. Tents are a great option for rain. Cooling fans help ward off the heat in the summer. Portable heaters keep guests warm in the winter. Again, ask them for pictures from actual weddings where these items were used and see how they looked. Would these variables ruin your wedding day for you? Is it worth the risk to have the outdoor wedding you’ve always dreamed of?


3) Consider umbrellas for you, your wedding party and maybe even your guests for blocking out rain or intense sun. Bright colors or ones that match your decor would look great in photos. You could look at them as an investment into your future. You could end up using them over your lifetime together and they would make a fun memory and story to tell from your wedding for years to come! Or, if you don’t end up using them, return them. If you do end up using them, send some home with your guests. What a great souvenir idea! Who doesn’t need extra umbrellas?


4) “Let it go!” Yes, this is an overused phrase this day, but it works well when considering an outdoor wedding. Do your best to plan for alternatives to rain (postpone your starting time to see if it blows over), heat (provide lots of water bottles and customized hand fans for guests) and cold (plan to have a coffee bar or hot chocolate) and just set your mind to enjoy your day no matter what. The most important aspect of your wedding is you and the love of your life stand before your officiant and friends and declare your commitment of love and companionship for the rest of your life.

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