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Shannon and Hannah

Updated: Dec 14, 2023


There is nothing like a small downtown wedding, especially in the small town of Hutto, Texas where the buildings have so much character that just a few pictures on the internet will convince you that it’s the place to get married. That is just what Hannah did while living in Seattle Washington! Hannah booked her venue at One Eleven East without even taking a peek at its beauty until the day before the wedding. How awesome is it that she had so much faith in the location that she didn’t even know what it looked like until the day before the wedding?? Probably just like her faith in the Lord led her to her soul mate, Shannon.

Hannah and Shannon have the cutest proposal story I have ever heard but first, let’s start with how they met! Both growing up in the hot sunny climates of Texas and New Mexico, they both made their way up to the cold and rainy Seattle Washington. Hannah brushed shoulders with Shannon while doing an internship at a church in Seattle and oddly enough, Shannon was working with a partner church! Amazing how the Lord’s timing works! Hannah was finishing up her degree in Business Management at Texas A&M University with hopes of moving to Seattle after graduation. During spring break of her senior year she made her way back up to Washington and that’s when Hannah and Shannon really hit it off. 3 months later she moved to Seattle and they started dating.

Fast forward a year later, Shannon, a film maker was finally able to purchase a cinema camera that he had been saving for and on August 12, 2018 he planned a day to take Hannah out to Lake Wenatchee State Park to test out his new camera. After a few hours of filming her, he suggested to test out the audio before they headed back into town for dinner. To Hannah’s complete surprise, Shannon got down on one knee and proposed all while filming it with his cinema camera.

On January 5, 2019, their very dear friend and church leader married them in front of their friends and family. We can all agree that wedding ceremonies are the most special part of the wedding, but the word special is an understatement when it came to Hannah and Shannon’s ceremony. Not only could you feel the love between the two of them, but as the sun set and the families came together in the singing of amazing grace, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that God had this planned for them a long time ago.

Venue: One Eleven East

Photographer: Sam Hugh

Caterer: Valentina's Tex-Mex BBQ

Florist: Mint Tulip Weddings

Hair and Make-up: Lavis Beauty

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