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Sami and Michael


There is something special about a love story that starts in college. It is the time in your life where there are a lot of memories to make and decisions to be made so finding that special someone to experience it with makes it that much more meaningful. Michael and Sami met during their sophomore year at the University of Arkansas at Sami’s sorority formal. Although Sami was not interested at the time, Michael’s roommates had classes with Sami and insisted that she go on a date with him, as he was very interested in her. She finally agreed during their senior year, just to shut Michael’s roommates up and of course they have been inseparable ever since.

Beginning a relationship towards the end of college meant that transition was quickly approaching. They took full advantage of the time they had remaining and after graduation Sami moved to Galveston to take on medical school while Michael stayed in Fayetteville to get his masters. Although the long distance was hard, they tackled it by writing each other love letters, having pizza delivered to each other’s apartments, and simultaneously watching movies while video chatting. Okay, how cute is that?? Upon graduating with his masters, Michael got a job teaching at a middle school near Sami. If you thought it couldn’t get anymore romantic with the long-distance gestures, when Michael finally got down on one knee he was left completely speechless as tears welled in his eyes.

They celebrated their love with their friends and family at an old fire station in downtown Houston, Texas. It was the perfect location with the most beautiful view of the skyscrapers downtown. And to top it all off, Michael slid down the fire pole to meet Sami at the altar. Michael and Sami enjoyed a delicious first meal together as a married couple, received a beautiful toast from their family that tugged at everyone’s heart strings, and danced the night away with all of their loved ones. With confetti in their hair, they sped off in their super fancy Uber Black to happily ever after.

Venue: Station 3 Venue

Florist: Flower Vibes TX

Cake: 3 Brothers Bakery

Photography: Ashley Gillen Photograph

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