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Kind Words from our Recent Brides

Updated: Jun 16

We have been blessed with some of the sweetest brides!

Here are a few of the kind things they had to say about Wonderfully Wed after their wedding days.

James and Paige:

"Wonderfully Wed made my wedding day run smoothly (and if there were any hitches, y’all worked through them without me knowing which made my day so fun). I enjoyed having y’all there on my wedding day so I could enjoy it more :)) Thanks for making our day so special and as stress free as possible! Y’all really made my life easy the day of and I’m so thankful for that!!"

Peter and Macy:

"Erin and her team are amazing. If you are looking to have a stress free wedding I cannot recommend Erin enough times. My fiancé & I didn’t even live in the same city during our wedding planning process yet Erin made it so easy and stress free when it came to planning. She handled literally everything from providing a list of amazing vendors, booking and paying them. Her communication is also amazing! We had a long engagement and she would always check in on us during the process especially if she hadn’t heard from us in awhile. The best decision of my entire day was hiring Erin and her team. Also my husband and I got to enjoy our catered dinner on our wedding day, which seems like a silly thing to write a review about, but it made us be able to enjoy the rest of the night, and that was completely due to Erin and her team making sure we could eat! So so wonderful. Definitely hire her!"

Javi and Cassie:

"From Start to Finish, I felt so cared for, loved, listened to. Your communication was the best and again, made me feel so loved and seen through the entire process! Wonderfully Wed seriously blew our minds! We're so full of gratitude."

Sam and Becca:

"Erin did an AMAZING job organizing and making our wedding day run smoothly. She was professional and allowed our families to be fully present throughout the day without having to worry about any details. All the transitions from one part of the day to next went so smoothly because of Erin. Months leading up to the wedding Erin took the time to hear what we hoped for with our wedding day and kept us on track during the wedding planning. As the days lead up to the wedding, Erin took careful care to make sure the things important to us happened. We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planner and coordinator!"

Tyler and Maci:

"When I started wedding planning, I had no idea where to start with anything. That’s when I found Erin and her incredible team! They made the wedding planning process a breeze with their all-inclusive planning package. From deciding on vendors to the tiniest of details, Erin and her crew were on it. They always responded quickly to any questions I might have had.

Our wedding day was a dream and we have Wonderfully Wed to thank for it!!"

Brett and Emily:

"The Wonderfully Wed team went above and beyond to make our days so special and perfect. Erin and her team were there every step of the way. If I had to do it all over again I would pick them again in a heartbeat!"

Tyler and Kendra:

"We used Wonderfully Wed's planning service for our big day in February 2022. From our initial consultation with Erin we knew we would be using them to help us coordinate our wedding. Erin and her team are extremely thorough and were always available to answer questions and offer assistance throughout the entire process. I never once feared that things weren't going to be taken care of, especially on our wedding day. It was so nice being able to actually enjoy the day as I knew Erin and her team had it under control. Not only is Erin a great wedding coordinator, but she's also a wonderful person. I'm so thankful our paths crossed and we truly couldn't have picked a better person to help plan our special day! -Tyler and Kendra Wiatrek"

Huston and Jordynn (Jordynn's Mom):

"Highly recommend!!! My husband and I were still living in New York, when my daughter hired Erin Joyner and her team at Wonderfully Wed. So, I can not take credit for one of the best decisions that was made in planning our daughter’s wedding. My daughter had met with Erin and she was extremely helpful as she guided her through the process and decisions that she needed to make. While out of state, Erin and I corresponded through emails. Then, six months before the wedding, my husband and I relocated to Texas. Now, Mama was in town and, of course, my daughter and I were thrilled to be together for the final months of planning. It was then, that I was finally able to meet Erin. With my daughter’s permission and relief, I jumped right into the details. It was very apparent that Erin had a lot of experience with mother of the brides, because she was so gracious and patient with me when we had our first meeting. Having most of the details already in place, another professional would have been overwhelmed when faced with the changes that I requested. But not Erin. Not only did she handle the new ideas, she jumped right in helping us with input of her own on how to make those changes possible. Every time we needed to meet with her, she was always available. When I sent her a dozen emails with new ideas/thoughts, she was always there with a timely response and an endless flexibility. And this was all BEFORE the wedding! Wedding rehearsal- Erin was absolutely incredible. So many different personalities and opinions, Erin maneuvered them all with a classy confidence that made it clear that the only opinions that mattered were ours. It was such a relief to have her expertise and strong leadership. The wedding-Erin and her team were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Professional, efficient and seamless. My husband and I have run a portrait studio for over thirty years. Thirty years, photographing over eight hundred weddings. Personally, and more importantly, professionally, I highly recommend Erin and her team. Our daughter’s wedding was absolutely perfect and so incredibly beautiful! I know, without a doubt, that Wonderfully Wed made that possible."

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