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Ideas for Including Kids in Your Wedding Day

Updated: Jun 15, 2022


Include them in a unity ceremony

  • pouring different colors of sand into a jar

  • pouring paint onto a canvas (can be displayed in the home forever) with bright or more aesthetically pleasing colors

  • Glass pouring, The couple pours colorful glass crystals into a display container either before or after saying their vows. Then, the combined crystals get sent to Unity in Glass, a Texas-based glass-blowing studio. Once the crystals arrive, an artist uses them to create a one-of-a-kind glass sculpture, which is then shipped back to the couple. The artistic representation of the couple's union then becomes the perfect decorative piece for home.

  • Make a unity sandwich, This one is one of the cutest, most lighthearted unity ceremonies that we have ever seen. Choose your favorite sandwich, prepare both slices of bread, and bring the sandwich together as a sweet—and tasty—metaphor for your new marriage!

  • Pour your favorite candies into a pretty jar

Give them a job

  • Either as a Jr. Bridesmaid/Jr. Groomsmen or Flower Girl/Ring Bearer depending on their ages

Make them match

  • Give them something a clothing item that matches you or your groom

  • Match colors of dresses/suits, ties, shoes, socks, bouquets, boutonnieres, accessories. (Just think of it as your first coordinating family outfits)

Present a gift to the kids when you exchange rings

  • A piece of jewelry that is engraved or customized

  • A piece of family history

Include kids in your vows

  • Make a vow to your new kids



  • Have a customized cake topper made that includes kid names or figures

  • Include a lot of family pictures throughout your venue


  • Consider including a special dance with each of your kids, maybe even a choreographed family flash mob

  • Ask kids if they would want to give a speech or say a few words during the toasts

  • Consider having kid appealing drinks/snacks, mocktails, milkshakes, snow cones, kid snack station with chips and candy

  • Age appropriate kid stations, butcher paper with crayons for young kids, or a video gaming station for older kids, yard games are great for all ages!


  • Talk with your photographer about including your kids in your pictures

  • Pinterest has some great pose ideas

  • Some of our favorites are on our Family Photos Pinterest Board, linked below

We love getting to include kids in wedding ceremonies and receptions! Let us know if you need advice on how to include your precious kiddos in your special day. We'd love to be a part of the planning or day-of!

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