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David and Katy

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

The more of the all inclusive weddings we coordinate, the more I love them. It's so much fun to work so closely with each of my clients and to make the entire planning process simple and stress free for them. David and Katy made this entire process full of so much joy and fun. 

Their "love story" includes a 7 or 8 year old Katy coming home from school one day and telling her mother that she was going to marry David D one day. Little did her mom know what a prophetic statement that was when she indeed DID marry her childhood dream guy almost 15 years later!

Again, the weather was so perfect for us and I was delighted with how well everything turned out. These two will always be special in our books!


Venue: Brownstone Reserve 

Photography: Willow & Pine (Tomball) 

Bartending: Luke's

DJ: Downtown Event Services

Florals: Unforgettable Floral

Cake: Fabulous Fare

Rentals: Details Party Rentals

Caterer: Buppy's Catering

Hair: Lindsey Flappan

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