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Clay and Ashleigh

Updated: Dec 14, 2023


There is something about a Texas wedding in a church on a hilltop at sunset. It always makes me stop and want to pinch myself because it is all so picturesque. The mason jars on top of the tables, the last ounce of sun shining behind the bride and groom as they enjoy their first dance, the men leaving their cowboy hats at the table as they rush to line up for the grand march, and later the sweet voice of George Strait singing "That wasn't my chair afterall" in the background; It all adds up to a picture perfect small town country wedding . This is exactly what Clay and Ashleigh's wedding was- small town perfection. We fell in love with Ashleigh and it was such a pleasure to make her dream wedding come to life.

Growing up in the small town of Anderson, Ashleigh wanted to have her wedding at her church on the top of the hill just outside of town. She was escorted down the aisle by her sweet mom and married her best friend, Clay, at the altar. The couple held the cocktail hour and dinner in the great fellowship hall before moving the party outside for more dessert and dancing. One of the things we do as coordinators is figure out how to make the transitions of your big day flow together seamlessly. Ashleigh wanted to begin her reception indoors, but because of the volume of people, and beautiful sunset, have the second half outdoors. Instead of making an announcement and asking everyone to move outside, we chose to use the grand march as our perfect transition point. After dinner, when everyone lined up for the march, we instructed the leaders to eventually lead the parade outside. This way, while the guests were marching, we were able to cue the DJ to transition to his outdoor location and no one even noticed as we moved the dessert table and other indoor elements to their new location.

When the song was eventually over, the crowds stayed in the pavilion on the dance floor for the rest of the evening until it was time to send Clay and Ashleigh of on their honeymoon. What a special day it was to get to see a town come together to send some of their two favorite people off.

Venue: St. Stanuslaus In Anderson

Photographer: Angela Moritz

Caterer: Smitty K's

Hair and Make Up: Lox Hair

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