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Chelsea and Nicholas

Updated: Dec 14, 2023


This wedding looked like the Pinterest board every girl dreams of making a reality. From the natural beauty of the Antique Rose Emporium to every thoughtful detail, this December wedding could not have been more dreamy.

The Antique Rose Emporium provided some much needed shelter from the rain underneath the large pavilion. The round tables covered in simple white linens surrounded a beautiful fountain. Between the raindrops and the flow of the fountain, the ambiance was beautifully romantic.

On the tables were stunning antiqued gold candlestick holders with classic long, white candlesticks surrounded by pieces of greenery. The last sweet detail on the table was a simple handmade table number. Behind the head table laid my favorite aspect of this wedding décor, a long, draping piece of canvas displaying a scripted quote.

Just beyond the pavilion was an old house that allowed guests to step back in time and enjoy more romantic personality of the bride and groom. Inside the front door was an amazing wooden dresser adorned with framed quotes and a beautiful, leather-bound guest book. Draping over the middle was a long, skinny scroll with another scripted quote. Just inside the next room was a long table displaying the couple’s personalities and life together. From A&M memorabilia to scrapbooks and framed quotes, this table gave every guest a peek into the romance of the bride and groom. Finally, on the far end of this room was the simple yet breathtaking cake table. Another very long and skinny scroll fell over the table and displayed such beautifully written words. There were two simple cakes, one chocolate and one white. The rest of the table was adorned with greenery, quotes, and rose petals, a perfect pop of color on the cold December day.

These details of wedding décor was both well thought-out and effortlessly pieced together to create the perfect sense of romance for a December wedding. The venue provided beauty from every angle and the decorations only enhanced it. This is one wedding I won’t soon forget and will use when considering set up in weddings to come.

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