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Caitlin and Clayton

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

May 30, 2015

Caitlin and Clayton had a delightful spring ceremony at 7F Lodge. While Mr. & Mrs. Swint had a beautiful evening and enjoyed dancing the night away with friends and family, there was one aspect of the evening we found particularly special. Once the ceremony concluded and the guests made their way to chow down on fajitas, Clayton and Caitlin escaped to their own intimate dining experience where they were briefly secluded from the busy hubbub of the buffet. We love this idea! Besides the fact that it gave them time to talk about the ceremony, their love for each other, and pause for a minute to take it all in, it wasn't a bad photo op. either! Since, we've made sure to recommend this to all our bride's as an option and if you are getting married I would encourage you to consider this unique idea as well! I mean, who doesn't want a few minutes alone with Prince Charming? Am I right?

Erin Joyner WonderfullyWed Wedding Planning, Coordinating, Consulting Bryan/College Station, TX

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