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Angela and Sean

Let’s talk about the grand entry for a second, the moment when the groom is about to see the bride for the first time as the bride walks in with butterflies in her stomach. The moment where half of the guests are looking at the beautiful bride, and half are looking at the groom’s reaction. (I’m the guest that takes a glimpse of the groom watching his bride walk down the aisle.) Regardless of who you are focused on, I think we can all agree that the grand entry is the most iconic moment in any wedding. But something felt especially iconic with Angela’s grand entry. Maybe I’m being a little biased because I had the honor of fluffing her dress outside the double doors of the huge catholic church. When the doors of that beautiful church swung open and Angela so gracefully walked by her fathers’ side down the long aisle to marry the love of her life, I had chills. It was so incredible.



Angela and Sean first met while Angela was in PA school and Sean was in medical school where they both attended a church gathering called the “White Mass”, which is a blessing of those in the medical profession. Although this was their first time meeting, it was not until a few years later when they ran into each other again during rotations. During the rotation PA students work closely with the medical students so Angela and Sean were able to get to know each other very well. Sean was attracted to Angela’s “purity, spark, nerdy glasses, and flair socks with her scrubs combo.” Angela was attracted to Sean’s intelligence, sense of humor, and how down to earth he was. But it wasn’t until the third time they ran into each other that sealed the deal. This time was at church and after mass they chatted for about 2 hours outside… in December…if you aren’t getting where I’m going with this, they were already completely in love at that point because why else would you stand in the freezing cold for 2 hours with just anyone?? Their first date consisted of a day at the dog park and hot chocolate. Angela told me, “from that point on we saw each other every chance we could and before long we decided on forever.” That will tug on your heart strings a little, am I right?



To top off the amazing grand entrance at the church, they celebrated their marriage with their friends and family, shared chocolate ice cream cake (yum!!), and danced the night away. For all of the soon to be brides that may be reading this, Sean and Angela decided to have the last dance together by themselves while the guests were lining up with sparklers for the exit. It gave them a few minutes to themselves to take in every moment of their perfect day. I definitely recommend it!


Venue: St. Mary's Catholic Church

Reception: Double Creek Crossing

Photographer: Southern Charm Photography

Florist: Cheryl Lam

Rentals: Events to Remember

DJ: Downtown Event Services

Bartender: Luke's Bartending Service

Catering: J. Cody's Steak & BBQ

MUA: Salon of Vern and Mo

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