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2016 Wedding Trends

I live in a fairly small college town in Texas, which is the home for Texas A&M University. If you've ever attended a football game in College Station, or against Texas A&M, or even watched one on TV, you may have noticed the unusual emphasis on TRADITION that the Aggies proudly display. I attended this university during my college days, and it is absolutely amazing how many traditions are passed down every single year. Because of this, I feel as though our area's wedding trends are slightly different than most of the country or even the world. Most of my clients attended the University, became college sweethearts and they desire to get married in Aggieland instead of the bride's home town. In spite of that, there are several trends that I have seen with my clients recently that I believe will continue in 2016. Here are FIVE of my favorites:

1. More Personal Touches

Whether the bride and groom desire to honor a deceased relative or their family lineage, almost every one of my clients adds an intimate touch to their reception decor. I see wedding pictures of their ancestors, flowers added to represent a dear grandparent who is unable to attend, a picture collage tribute to a sibling who has passed away, family heirlooms on display at the reception or an opportunity for guests to write personal notes to the bride and groom. One bride even had her mother's wedding dress on display during her reception! Many couples are adding an intimate touch with their save the dates, shower and wedding invites with personalized invitations like the ones created at Paperless Post. Using original styling for invitations more intricately reveals to the guests the couple's style and story. Whatever the touch, it is usually somewhere on display at the reception for guests to visit and appreciate. I think it adds a sweet element to an already emotional day.

Sarah wore her mom's wedding dress.

Aggie rings are a popular tradition at Texas A&M.

This bride opted to have a burlap bouquet with music paper flower

2) Alternates to the traditional unity candle.

Many weddings are outdoors these days, and it is just not practical to try to keep candles lit. However, most brides and grooms want the symbolism of the unity candle as part of their nuptials, so we are seeing a trend of unique expressions for unity candles. Locks, sand, time capsules, communion, interlocking crosses, binding of hands, and washing each others' feet are all events I've witnessed at my weddings which replace the unity candle.

Locks of love


Jack washing Anna's feet.

3) Replacement of the traditional guest book

This may be one of my favorite trends right now. Couples want a record of who attended their wedding, but are desiring more creativity for this aspect of the day. We have seen a variety of replacements to the guest book and it's always interesting to me to hear what each bride and groom decide upon. Some more recent ideas at our ceremonies have been: personal notes written to the bride and groom and placed in a special container, canvases or a picture of the couple with a wide matte for people to sign that the new couple can hang in their new house, Other ideas we've seen are a photobooth next to a scrapbook for guests to tape a unique picture of themselves and sign, a canvas for thumbprints to create a tree, as well as a Bible for guests to underline their favorite verses and sign their names. Many couples opt to print a book with their engagement pictures and extra space on the sides for guests to write a note and sign.

Guests write notes and put in wine bottles. Couple smashes wine bottles for each anniversary and reads notes.

4) Photobooths and videobooths

We've seen photobooths at so many of our weddings that we decided to add a photobooth option to our packages! Photobooths are a fun way to include guests in the festivities, Plus, they provide for your family and friends a fun souvenir from your wedding. Most photobooths provide the client with a copy of all the pictures, so it is yet another way for the new couple to have great memories from their special day.

5) Outdoor Ceremony and Reception

We rarely book a wedding anymore where both the ceremony and reception take place at a church or other indoor facility. While a few of our clients don't feel comfortable risking the problems that can come with unpredictable weather, there are numerous outdoor wedding venues in our area with great back up weather options. A majority of our clients are taking the plunge and booking with the outdoor venues and we are never disappointed at the outcome. Pictures are just incredible in the outdoors and guests seem to enjoy the benefits as well. Here are a few pictures of some of our weddings held at the beautiful outdoor venues in our area.

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