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“What a relief to have someone by my side through the amazingly wild ride of wedding planning. Erin helped consolidate my ideas and dreams and turn them into reality. Erin used her skills in organization and with much patience directed me to where I needed to go and who I needed to contact. Wedding planning can be overwhelming and hard to keep track of amidst other transitions. Erin helped set my dates and keep track of when things needed to get done. The end product was well worth all of our time spent together. The most wonderful thing about having someone to plan your wedding with is having someone that has listened to all your dreams, all your ideas, and your personal preferences and then trusting that person to make it happen on the actual day of the wedding. I did not have to concern myself with any personal last minute details in regard to the wedding day because Erin was there to guide and clue everyone (including family) in on what was about to happen. Erin was the director and leader of all the things we had orchestrated together in the previous months. Having someone facilitate on the actual wedding day is a must! The bride is much too occupied with the other million excitements that the wedding day contains to concern herself with where the cake should be placed, what goes where, and who does what…. It is a wonderful relief to have a coordinator help plan with beforehand, to rely on during the wedding rehearsal, and to completely depend on during your actual wedding. Erin Joyner was this to me and I am so grateful for her major contribution toward one of the most important and special days of my life. Thank you, Erin!"

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